Wednesday, February 7

MAPI Troubleshooting

MAPI is the protocol communication between Microsoft Outlook with Exchange server. Some of the time, we will find hard to troubleshoot this stuff. Read in some articles, sharing with you guys:

When troubleshooting Outlook with MAPI connectivity to an Exchange server, use the following


1. Identify network connectivity issues. If the Outlook client or the Exchange server is experiencing problems connecting to the network, Outlook will show a status of Disconnected, and no new messages can be transferred between the client and theserver. Sometimes, a simple ping or tracert will solve most of th issue.

2. Identify client configuration issues.
A client configuration issue can occur in Outlook configurations or in Windows configurations. An improperly configured client canprevent the computer from connecting to the Exchange server or create intermittent connectivity problems. Before going to the server, have a quick check, whether everyone is having the same issues, or only few?

3. Identify name resolution issues/DNS
Outlook clients must be able to resolve the name ofthe Exchange server they are connecting to. By default, Outlook 2007 clients use DNS host name resolution to resolve the name of the Exchange server to its IPaddress. If DNS servers are not available on the network or if the records in DNS areincorrect, Outlook clients are unable to connect to the Exchange server.

To troubleshoot MAPI on Exchange server itself, will write an article for that.

Some of the useful tools you might want to use
1) Ping
2) Telnet
3) RPCPing
4) Nslookup