Thursday, March 6

How to configure Edge to Sync with Hub Transport

After the teo posts, some of you urge to know how to configure the edge sync. Here is the general steps:

1) In Exchange MSH, type:
New-EdgeSubscription -FileName "C:\EdgeSubscriptionInfo.xml"

2) Transfer the xml file to a thumb drive and copy to the Hub Transport Server

3) In Hub Transport Server, Open the Exchange Management Console. Expand Organization Configuration, select Hub Transport, and then in the result pane, click the Edge Subscriptions tab.

4) In the action pane, click New Edge Subscription. The New Edge Subscription Wizard starts.

5) On the New Edge Subscription page, in the Active Directory Site: drop-down list, select the Active Directory site where you want the Hub Tranport to sync with Edge.

NOTE: The Hub Transport to sync should be in the site selected

6) On the New Edge Subscription page, click Browse. Locate the Edge Subscription file to import. Select the file, and then click Open.

7) On the New Edge Subscription page, click New.

8) On the Completion page, click Finish.

Edge Transport will only sync with the Hub Transport every 4 hours. To force its sync, type the following command in Hub Transport:


Monitor and review the end result.

Monday, March 3

Edge Transport Address Rewriting

Recently, because of Malaysia's election, we got a quick project on migrating Linux to Exchange server, using Exchange 2007 HUB/CAS/MB and Edge.

One of the requirement is to use address rewriting feature in Edge Transport server.

To know more about edge transport server, please visit:

However, once we configured the HUB/CAS/MB and the Edge (in other server of course), the address rewriting is not working at all...

Discovered that we will need to perform Edge Subscription, which means sync the Edge and Hub Transport - the address re-writing then works.

Will check with the product team if this is a must - which not getting from any official doc.

Just a share.

Setting up CCR - There was a problem accessing the registry on this computer


Recently, when we are setting up CCR for one of our customer, we got this weird message when Exchange 2007 is doing its Readiness check - There was a problem accessing the registry on this computer.

After hours of checking - its because of:
1) We disable File and Print sharing and
2) Client for Microsoft Network

For the heartbeat as this is the recommended way to setup a cluster.

Once we enable back those two, everything just flies...

Hope this will help some of those facing this problem.