Sunday, April 20

A valuable trip to Seattle - a meet up with my Guru

MVP Summit 2008 in Seattle from 14 to 18 April 2008 is a memorable and valuable time.
I have chance to meet up with my Guru/Mentor which met up about 5 years ago.
Visiting Microsoft HQ for sure an eye opener and understand the really meaning of "Passion" in technology.

This is a dinner, together with Lee and Pete - years of MVP for Microsoft. A special tribute to Lee, who nominated me to become the new MVP last year.
Advise to bloggers that have passion in Microsoft technology - its really a great experience and worth journey.

Monday, April 7

Setting Exchange 2007 Pre-Req in Windows Server 2008

Recently prepared few labs on Windows 2008 - Installing Exchange 2007 SP1.

To install Exchange 2007 on top of Windows 2008, first of all, you will need:

1) Exchange 2007 SP1 - will rollup update if possible
2) Active Directory installed of course (Can be in different server)
3) Same in Windows 2008, you will need to install .net framework (3.5) at this time
4) Install Windows PoiwerShell (In Windows 2008 Server Manager, under features)
5) Install Exchange 2007 pre-req server roles and features- then, you are READY

this section, we will share on what is the IIS pre-req in no 5 that we are talking about:-

ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Server
ServerManagerCmd -i Web-ISAPI-Ext
ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Metabase
ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console
ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Basic-Auth
ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Digest-Auth
ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Windows-Auth
ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Dyn-Compression

Once it installed sucessfully, you can now install Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1