Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year 2009

Dear Blog readers,

Just would like to say thanks for the support for the year 2008.

Please continue to support us in year 2009!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21

Backup Software that protect Exchange 2007 Standby Continuous Replication

Just got an e-mail from local Microsoft that DPM 2007 now SP1!

Its a great news - its now be able to do more - including protecting VMs in Hyper-V, which be able to protect in Virtual Server 2005 SP1.

What is more interesting is, it is now be able to protect Exchange 2007 SP1 SCR! Yeah - a good news huh?

This will give a complete DR scenario.

What are you waiting for, path your DPM 2007 today or start using it.

What is new in Service Pack 1:

DPM 2007 sp1 x86 download:

DPM 2007 sp1 x64 download: