Sunday, January 25

Happy Chinese New Year

To all our blog reader that celebrate Chinese New Year -

Happy Chinese New Year! Its the time for family reunion.

Have an Ox picious New Year!

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SCL Junk Threshold

Outlook for sure is the best client for Microsoft Exchange. In Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2003/2007, there is a folder called Junk Mail.

When working with Exchange 2007, the default value is 8, which mean the email Spam Confidence Level (`SCL`) level lis 8 will move to user's Junk Email folder. Normally, once the Junk Email settings set, you might want to modify this setting.

The recommended value for the SCLJunkThreshold parameter is 4. However, you can monitor your organization behavior and set it.

In the Exchange Management Shell:

Set-OrganizationConfig -SCLJunkThreshold 4

Thursday, January 1

Record commands when you are using Exchange Management Shell

One of the reasons i like Exchange so much is because of the Exchange Management Shell - develop using PowerShell.

However, some of the time, to get what you have typed and configured, its a pain - especially need to copy one by one (when doing documentation especially).

Today, during routine of checking our company and customer's Exchange server, i got this tips which think will benefit you guys:

To Record exactly what happen when you are using EMS!!
Awesome thing is, you can use the Start-Transcript cmdlet. Anything that you do after you runthis cmdlet will be recorded to a text file that you specify. To stop recordingyour session, use the Stop-Transcript cmdlet.

However, this command will overwrites the previous reocrding file, unless you append the session. How? Use the Appendparameter:

Start-Transcript c:\MyRecordSession.txt -Append

Once, Happy New Year.