Thursday, January 1

Record commands when you are using Exchange Management Shell

One of the reasons i like Exchange so much is because of the Exchange Management Shell - develop using PowerShell.

However, some of the time, to get what you have typed and configured, its a pain - especially need to copy one by one (when doing documentation especially).

Today, during routine of checking our company and customer's Exchange server, i got this tips which think will benefit you guys:

To Record exactly what happen when you are using EMS!!
Awesome thing is, you can use the Start-Transcript cmdlet. Anything that you do after you runthis cmdlet will be recorded to a text file that you specify. To stop recordingyour session, use the Stop-Transcript cmdlet.

However, this command will overwrites the previous reocrding file, unless you append the session. How? Use the Appendparameter:

Start-Transcript c:\MyRecordSession.txt -Append

Once, Happy New Year.