Thursday, May 8

Storing PST on server? You should think few times...

Recently, we have been busy touring Malaysia to share our thoughts about Microsoft Exchange Server. Hope the Exchange business will just flow into not only Max Solution, perhaps Microsoft too :)

However, in one of the bank that we visited, there is an interesting question and idea - We want to store all the PST to the network storage. Is it recommended?

After thinking for few seconds, for sure, the first question is, WHY?

Some reasons for the summary:
1) We want to keep the Exchange DB small
2) We want to keep a copy of users' email
3) Storage nowadays can consider cheap
4) Do not want to heavy load Exchange server...

Hold on... Do we need to put PST file in server to get those features?

Few things to share:

First of all, it is not "possible" or recommended to put all user's PST in a network storage. See the following article - a good one from Microsoft.

Second of all, to meet the auditors, governance compliances, a company should think about a cool recent product - DPM 2007. This will fulfill the requirements for 1,2 & 3...

Guys, this is our advice, to ensure you will be able to gain the performance, yet, protecting your data.

Do read Microsoft or our blogs for the next version of Exchange - another great product to solve most of the industry issues.

Sunday, May 4

Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging - supprted PBX and gateways

Its being quite a while Unified Messaging introduced to the IT market. Ya - it really flies. However, lots of people still asking - What do I need?; My PBX supported?; Do I need to buy a new PBX?

In Microsoft Technet, there is a good article mentioning about this - Its a telephony advisor!

For me, I bought a gateway about 1 1/2 years ago. me too, get the advice from the website too.

Hope this link will help most of folks out there deploying UM.