Friday, July 18

Windows Vista SP1 FREE support till 19 March 09

We got a recent e-mail mentioning about this. this is great and we are excited about this.

You can help us spread the word!

Free, unlimited installation and compatibility support is now available for customers using Windows Vista SP1, until March 18, 2009.

Telephone support is available. Some countries also offer Chat and Email support.

Effective dates
From now until 18 March 2009.

Find out more and access the service at

Who is affected
All users of Windows Vista SP1.

Tuesday, July 15

Page file setup for Windows Servers

Lots of the customer, even our internal staff is asking, what is the proper page file should we set for the servers? Should we let the Windows set for us automatically?

To answer this, Paging file is the process where transfering data from the physical memory to the system.

By default, if the operating system fails, it will copy everything in memory to a .dmp file, so, to be able to get the information in the physical memory, you must have a paging file size that larger than the physical amount of memory you have, plus some space to gather the data.

Example, if your machine has 4GB ram, your page file should set more than 4GB, eg: 4.1GB.

What is the recommendation? In NT4 days, we will recommend the two times of your physical memory, but with the latest hardware as for now, we will recommend physical memory + 10MB - which we get this info from TechNet.

Thursday, July 10

My hard disk space

I got a prompt from my laptop that I am running out of disk space. My God...Wondering what stored inside until my 120GB Harddisk full?

When surfing the Internet, read an article from Darien, Microsoft Malaysia. He shared a tool from his blog - WinDirStat

Its awesome and now, I know what is the type of files fill up my disk.

Once, thanks to Darien, and for sure, thanks to BLOG.

Wednesday, July 9

New Product Strategies for Exchange 2007

Last time, when we talk about patches, roll up updates, apply it in sequence is important to ensure the stabilities.

However, recently read an article published July 7 2008. Good news to share:

In Exchange 2007, Microsoft works in a different way. Let say you are applying rollup update 2. All the fix and files in rollup update 1 will be included too. This means, less updates need to be done. Personally, this is a good change - which no one would like to patch our server all the time...

Want to know more?

Saturday, July 5

The MAXimum character that Exchange 2007 supports

Recently, in one of our project, they do ask about what is the maximum character that Exchange 2007 supports? Well, the answer is the same as Windows Server 2003 AD, which is - 64! This info apply to distribution list/distribution group as well.

Try it out, what you need to do is create a user account, and start couting :)

Tuesday, July 1

Looking Back, Moving A Head - Bill Gates

A tribute to Microsoft Founder - Bill Gates.

Farewell and thanks for the contributions to communities, IT industries and the world.

Attached the video for the past.