Thursday, February 26

Outlook 2007 SP2 is out!

Outlook 2007 SP2 is out!

Still remember for the data file check which is slow down your workstations? Duplicated items in RSS? Startup and Shutdown slow? Lots of disk IO usage?

All those improved - download Outlook 2007 SP2!

More information, visit the following link:

Personally, requested it and installed. However, it is still under hotfix. Install it and test it before deploy to your entire environment :)

Monday, February 2

get-storagegroupcopystatus - initializing - can not failover

Implemented few Exchange CCR projects. Lots of customers are happy to see sucha great idea, despite the need of more storage...

During explanation and hand over, we normally share on get-storagegroupcopystatus command in Exchange management shell as well as we do not recommend to failover CCR using failover cluster or cluster administrator. Guess what? Sometimes, it shows initializing...

Just to clarify and share with the community, it is NORMAL if the DB does not has any activity (activity means transaction log...). It is because MSFT would like to ensure the checksum health check prior to the failover...

One of the product team guy, Tim, has a great blog and one article talking about this. Great stuff which will explain to you...

Checking your MX record

Recently, purchased few domain name due to promotions. However, Malaysia ISP blocked NSLOOKUP and similar tools for DNS checking/spoofing.

Discovered a cool website:

Allow you to check your MX record, as well as checking your IP if its in a black list.

Helped me a lot. Hope it help you too.