Thursday, June 26

A day where LOVE is in the air

15 June 2008 is a great day. Working with CHHS Alumni and Rotary Club of Sri Petaling, we pay a visit to Ti-Ratana, an orphanage house in Malaysia.
That day is also a father's day, and about 150-200 of us, celebrating fathers' day with a big group of children.

Had some activities, including choir singing, Ti-Ratana chilren perform...

Sometimes, doing IT, computing, we are dealing with machines, social works like this will need to do more, thats the complete of life. As a group, we donated computers, water heaters as well as washing machines for them.

This day, some of our communities leaders and members are there too, feeling the samething - LOVE is in the air. We hope this will not stop here, more and more people will do this, showing that we care for the communities, we CARE.

Saturday, June 7

Certificates in Exchange 2007

Lots of our customers, partners and sttudents has this problems while inplementing Exchange 2007 (With its client) - certificates.

Question now is, what certificate used in Exchange 2007?

  • ActiveSync
  • Autodiscover
  • Internet client, like POP3 and IMAP4 client access
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Outlook Anywhere
  • Edge Server

Now, since there are so many components, can we use all with the same name? The answer is no. Thus, in Exchange 2007, we will need certificate that support wildcards name. However, by default, when installing Exchange 2007, a self signed certificate is installed - can we use it? Yes, you can, but we will not recommend as it will not know the Internet domain name you are going to use, not supporting SAN extension supports (X.509 standard).

After knowing this, choosing a right certificate in Exchange 2007 is important. Knowing Exchange 2007 client that support wildcard certificate is also another challenge. For what we know as for now, the following client do support:

Outlook Express, Outlook, Internet Explorer (OWA)

However, clients running Windows Mobile 5.0 do not support secure connection to servers where wildcards are used in the certificate. Do take note.