Thursday, June 26

A day where LOVE is in the air

15 June 2008 is a great day. Working with CHHS Alumni and Rotary Club of Sri Petaling, we pay a visit to Ti-Ratana, an orphanage house in Malaysia.
That day is also a father's day, and about 150-200 of us, celebrating fathers' day with a big group of children.

Had some activities, including choir singing, Ti-Ratana chilren perform...

Sometimes, doing IT, computing, we are dealing with machines, social works like this will need to do more, thats the complete of life. As a group, we donated computers, water heaters as well as washing machines for them.

This day, some of our communities leaders and members are there too, feeling the samething - LOVE is in the air. We hope this will not stop here, more and more people will do this, showing that we care for the communities, we CARE.