Sunday, November 9

Backing up Exchange 2007/Windows 2008 with DPM

Knowing that till today, if Exchange 2007 SP1 to run on Windows 2008, there is a challenge to back it up.

DPM 2007 for sure is the great product ever to backup every 15 minutes.

There are few questions/issues prompt to us, would like to share here:

1) You can install DPM either in Windows 2003/Windows 2008, 32 bit or 64 bit.

2) To backup Windows 2008, you will need to install DPM 2007 feature pack: KB949779 and other latest patches/hotfixes if there is any

3) When protecting your Exchange 2007, you will need to copy this two files (ese.dll & eseutil.exe - from Exchange installation CD/BIN folder) to DPM server bin folder. Please take note, if you are using DPM 2007 32 bit, you will need to get the 32 bit edition of those file.

4) You are then ready to go. If you would like to backup system state, ensure you have enough of free disk space, it will take about 10-18GB of space...