Friday, March 30

Outlook Cache

In Exchange and outlook environment, outlook provide cache to the sender who email to send to. Pros and Cons, Pors - easier for sender; Cons - what if we modified the email address/account?

One of our customer request on how to solve this issue. Below show the method manual delete the cache in Outlook:

1. Make sure that Outlook is closed.
2. Open My Computer. In C:\ or D:\ - depending where you install Windows, unders Documents and Settings, (Your User Name), Application Data, Microsoft, Outlook - Where (Your User Name) is specified, choose the folder with the same name as your log in.
3. Select and delete the file named Outlook.nk2- this is where the cache is stored.


Thursday, March 22

Internet Explorer 7 - Problems with Outlook Web Access!!!

Hi Guys,

Few of our customers facing this issue:

Unable to compose/reply a message when accessing Outlook Web Access; however, this is not an issue using other browsers (including IE6). You will also see a red square with an “X” in it when try to compose a new message.

The reason for this issue is due to security - where IE7 do not accept ActiveX and MIME. How to solve it?

The Solution:
1. In OWA, click on the "options" in the left Task Pane.

2. Under “E-mail Security” and Click Install or Upgrade the S/MIME Control. This will download a new add-on.

3. Click “RUN” when asked about the Microsoft Outlook Web Access S/MIME install and security warning.

4. Close and RESTART IE7

Solving lots of people problem? yes, it is.

Wednesday, March 21

How to enable mailboxes in Exchange 2007 for users in particular OU?

With Exchange Management Shell, everything now possible:

Under Exchange Management Shell, type:

Get-User –OrganizationalUnit “DOMAINANME/OUNAME” Enable-Mailbox -Database “SERVERNAME\DATABASENAME

press ENTER.

Poo, what if I have 1000 users inside? All 1000 users will be mailbox enabled!

Is that simple? Yes, it is.

You set Exchange 2007 resource, what else need to be done?

Exchange 2007 allow us to creat resources mailbox, eg: Meeting Room, Projectors++. Once created, you will need to ensure the resources created to auto accept any query or request on the particular resource. Previous Exchange, you will need to login one by one to the particular mailbox to configure it. In Exchange 2007, after you create the resource mailbox, what else need to be done? You will need to run the following command in Exchange Management Shell:

NOTE: You can also set the resource capasity now! Eg: in one of your meeting room, only be able to fit 20 people, you can type in resource information, under the property of the object.

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings –AutomateProcessing AutoAccept

To verify, you can:
Type in MSH, Get-MailboxCalendarSettings to check whether the automate process is configured for the resource created, eg: Meeting Room 1

Hope this help and clarify

Friday, March 2

Standby Continuous Replication (SCR)


Lots of customer discuss with us on CCR, bad things are, they need to configured in same subnet. Good news! Exchange 2007 SP1 now supporting SCR - Standby Continuous Replication, which allows the failover to another datacenter/location!

Besides, Exchange 2007 SP1 solve some problems we mentioned in previous blog, which includes:

1) Personal Distribution lists
2) Rules
3) Monthly Calendar view
4) Deleted item recovery
and Public folder access!

Want to know more?

Visit: - a quick glance on what Exchange 2007 SP1 provides!