Thursday, October 18

Outlook peformance and command line switches

Recently, received lots of calls on Outlook not performing as expected. Just to share, in Outlook 2007, if the Outlook not close properly, it will repair automatically; causing the CPU and memory high. Be patient. However, if time do not permits, you will need to go into Outlook command line switches, configure Outlook setting via command line.


outlook /cleanclientrules (This will clean outlook client side rules without launching Outlook)

To know more, do visit the following website:

Tuesday, October 9

Exchange 2007 Public Folder Administration

As everyone knows that managing Public Folder in Exchange 2007 is nont easy. Few of our implemented customer requested for some help. Here it is. We would like to share on a tool, which is available from Microsoft for FREE - PFDAVAdmin. This tool is already available since Exchange 2003.

This Exchange Server tool can use to perform several tasks related to public folder management:

  • Modify folder permissions on folders in the MAPI tree by using an interface similar to ESM on Exchange 2000/2003 which is not avail in E2007 prior SP1.
  • Add, modify and remove ACEs
  • Export and import folder permissions on public folders and mailboxes - this can be useful for some checking during maintenance.
  • Export and import replica lists.
  • Look for and remove item-level permissions in bulk.
  • Exceed the limits imposed by the ESM user interface for values on the Limits tab.
  • Display and modify folder properties in bulk.
  • Modify the permissions of the Calendar folder in bulk.

Interesting? However, just a note. When Exchange 2007 SP1 is out, you may no need to think about this tool :) Do visit OCS 2007 launch this month. There is a session on Exchange 2007 SP1. However, in this article, we would like to share about the tool:

When you lauch this tool, the below window will prompt. Key-in your Exchange Server and GC server name.

You will then be able to see the PF hierarchie. And there you go, performing the feature mentioned above.