Wednesday, March 21

How to enable mailboxes in Exchange 2007 for users in particular OU?

With Exchange Management Shell, everything now possible:

Under Exchange Management Shell, type:

Get-User –OrganizationalUnit “DOMAINANME/OUNAME” Enable-Mailbox -Database “SERVERNAME\DATABASENAME

press ENTER.

Poo, what if I have 1000 users inside? All 1000 users will be mailbox enabled!

Is that simple? Yes, it is.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to work. Tried it all in one command and two seperate commands.

Poo Ching Loong said...

Hi, you will need to put it in one line:

Get-User –OrganizationalUnit “DOMAINANME/OUNAME” | Enable-Mailbox -Database “SERVERNAME\DATABASENAME”

You will need the "|" pipe to work. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

So what if I'm using vista and it wont authenticate?

somebody said...


Alexis said...

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