Monday, July 23

Exchange Support for Virtualization

Server Virtualization is nowo a hot topic. Lots of customer is consolidating thier servers.

Few projects that we involved have the same trend too. Working with one of the principle, they are core pushing it, whithout knowing the consequences, as always quote: "You need to size it correctly". How about from a Technical point, let say Microsoft Infrastucture point of view?

Till date, we will not recommended for DB type server, or any server that is high in IO, which include Exchange & SQL. We will recommend individual box with scale out method.

Another thing will be support. In an Enterprise environment, you will not want to take your business into a risk. Please glance through the following links for more information.

How about AD?
See this URL -

If you say, we still want to virtualize it, do remember:

  • Don't use them where important services like Exchange/SQL/Apps
  • Don't use them to on FSMO
  • Don't use them as GC

You will then ask, why i need to virtualize? However, this will be good for branch deployment method...

Lastly, when you still ask, whether it works? The answer is YES. Some of our customers successfully implemented. But, again, this message has to be clearly convey and documented to the customer.

More info:
Support policy for Microsoft software running in non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software:

NOTE: Poo, look, Virtualization is still our goal and roadmap, what to do now?Our advise, look into Windows 2003 Virtualization, you will know why we say so, kindly visit one of my new blog, mention only Windows 2008. For vritualization, visit