Sunday, August 19

Booking resources in Exchange 2007


Recently, we gave some talks, some of the participants actually asking, how can we help the users to decide what room to book?

As administrators, you be able to provide more information on the particular resources, eg: the room is with the mounted projector, with Tele Conferencing facilities, or even with Plasma TV. Sounds cool?

To add the resource information, you will need to add it via Exchange Management Shell. You will then be able to put in the information defined intot he resources mailbox.

In Exchange Management Shell, you can set the resources configuration using this command:

set-resourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchema "Room/WithProjector", "Room/WithVideoConf"

To check on the configuration made, you can type this command:


After the configuration done, you will be able to set the resource mailbox with the information set in Management Shell.

Your users will then be able to see the information set by you, the administrators. Its indeed a big help to your users to choose the right resources.



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