Saturday, September 30

Something to share about Client Access Server


Good day. After a discussion with one of the PSS people in India, we found out something is good to know about Exchange 2007 CAS server -

Do you know that

1) Client Access Server is not recommed to deploy in DMZ (E2007 beta 2)?
2) Exchange 2003 Front End cant be used to connec to Exchange 2007 database?
3) Exchange 2007 CAS server can connect to Exchange 2007 mailbox server as well as Exchange 2003 mailbox server...
4) When accessing Exchange 2003 mailbox from CAS server, the URL will remain as https://E2007CAS/exchange, which accessing Exchange 2007, will use URL https://E2007CAS/OWA
5) You cant access normal E2003 URL to E2007 mailbox resource, example, no longer be able to access https://E2003/exchange/user/calendar if you have the rights. In E2007 mailbox, you have to access https://E2007/owa/

This will give a good help to developers.

Happy reading!


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