Wednesday, December 6

Accessing other users mailboxes using administrators

Dear Folks,

Good day. Still remember Exchange 5.5 days where you can access other users’ mailboxes using administrator account? Too bad - it doesn’t work in Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003.

Recently, there are few of the companies required to perform this, randomly check on employee's mailboxes; it’s a company policies.

How to do so? Again, Support Tools - best practices, we always encourage administrators to install windows support tools to every server that you had in the network - you simply won’t know when you need it.

1) Go to ADSI Edit using MMC
2) Locate under configuration partition
3) CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange,
4) Right click the organization name, CN=Orgname
5) Click on Security Tab
6) You will notice administrator has "Deny" permissions on the "Receive As" and "Send As" properties. Once you uncheck those you would be able to access all mailboxes using the Administrator account.

NOTE: We always recommend to use Groups rather than individual account to assign/delegate any permission.

There you go...