Monday, December 18

Accident deleted Active Directory Object – now what?

Dear all,

Good day. Its almost holiday period. Got a call from one of our customer, situation is like this:

The backup of the system state is over the tumbstone mode, 60 days. No more backup after that. He accidently delete an OU, which consists of three departments users.

Normally, we shall say, please use authoritative restore. Yes, this is the best and safe way if you have a recent backup. What if you dont? Does it mean all your object now gone?

The beauty of AD is, it keeps its deleted objects for 60 days by default, you will be able to change it via registry.

Normally, to "undelete" an object from AD can be tedious. We would like to share a tool from Quest software. We would like to thank Prakash, the Malaysia Champ who share this with us.

You can use this tool for FREE, only valid for 6 months. However, as long as it works and save your day!


Eric Myers said...

Greetings from Quest Software. Thanks for the nice mention of our Object Restore for Active Directory tool. It does come in quite handy sometimes, doesn't it? We're glad you were able to help your customer. If we make you look like a hero, then we have done our jobs.

Thanks again!

Poo Ching Loong said...

Good tools will always a good one. We are just sharing with others...

Well done, Quest Software.

somebody said...


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