Wednesday, April 4

Do not display "Display Name" in Internet Mail

One of our customer, again, asking if they can block "Display Name" which by default shown to receipient. (e.g. "Ahmad Badawi") in email messages.

In Exchange 2003, go to Global Settings->Internet Message Formats->Default->properties-> Advanced tab->uncheck "Preserve Sender's Display Name on messages"

In Exchange 2007, you can use EMS
set-RemoteDomain * -DisplaySenderName:$false

Your receipient will then not receive the "Display Name".


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for it. I am from Ukraine. In my Active Directory all users have "Display Name" in Russian. So when they send messages, on recipient side sender address looks in russian. It's all ok for ukrainian and russian recipients. But others see like "Êëèìåíêî Àíäðåé Ìèõàéëîâè". I want to set other display name for users that send messages for foreign recipients. How can i do it? And i do not want to clear "Preserve sender's display name on message". Is there a way to allow user to specify his name directly in the "From" field and not to check/replace this entered name by Exchange server?

JamieUK said...

When the recipiant receives the email it says that it is from "firstname.lastname". Wnat I would like it to say is "".

Is this possible?
Thank you.

somebody said...


Alexis said...

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