Monday, April 16

Feature that enable in Exchange 2007 SP1 - Beta


Good day. Some of our Exchange 2007 customer asking about some features that will be available in Exchange 2007. Let us share here:

On Outlook Web Access:
1) Distribution List will be available where Pre-SP1 is not available.
2) You will be able to edit the server side rule in OWA
3) Delete Item Recovery option will be available
4) Be able to access Public Folder
5) Support MIME, be able to read signed, encrypted mail

This will clear the doubts.

Need to know more info? Visit Exchange 2007 SP1 Beta release:

Happy reading.


Sanjay W said...

Poo, i read the link you sent, something im not clear here with, it says that you need to run logon as Admin when using S/MIME and disable UAC in VISTA. This is in direct contradiction with MS security strategy innit?

I understand if you need to install the controls for first time use but to disable UAC and always run administrator to use S/MIME??? Wow...

somebody said...