Thursday, November 1

Standby Continuous Replication Steps

Thanks for drop by on my track session during OCS Launch 31 Oct. Some of you actually asking for the step on the SCR demo.

Here you go. To enable SCR, you will need to have:
1) Both source and target to be Exchange 2007 SP1
2) One store per storage group

Source Server Name: DC1
Target Server Name: W2K8-E2
Source SCR Storage Group Name: SG1, Store Name: SG1.edb
Target SCR Storage Group created SG1Port, Store Name:Mbx1Port

For the source SCR,
# **** This is to enable SCR to SG1 ****
Enable-StorageGroupCopy SG1 -StandbyMachine W2k8-E2 -ReplayLagTime 0.0:0:0#
**** This is to check the SCR Status in W2008 ****
Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus SG1 -StandbyMachine W2k8-E2

For the target SCR,
# **** We will now go back to the production Server and Simulate Failure ****
# **** Now, time to Restore the enabled SCR ****
Restore-StorageGroupCopy DC1\SG1 -StandbyMachine W2k8-E2 -force:$true
# **** Now, we will move DB portability DB ****
Move-StorageGroupPath W2k8-E2\SG1PORT -SystemFolderPath C:\SG1 -LogFolderPath c:\SG1 -ConfigurationOnly -Confirm:$falseMove-databasepath W2k8-E2\SG1PORT\Mbx1Port -EdbfilePath C:\SG1\SG1.edb -ConfigurationOnly -Confirm:$false
# **** Allow the Database to be overwritten ****
Set-Mailboxdatabase W2k8-E2\SG1PORT\MBX1PORT -AllowFileRestore:$true
# **** Mount the Database ****
Mount-Database W2k8-E2\SG1PORT\Mbx1Port -Confirm:$false
# **** Update Mailbox configuration in AD to map to the DB portability copy ****
get-mailbox -database DC1\SG1\SG1 where {$_.objectClass -NotMatch '(SystemAttendantMailboxExOleDbSystemMailbox)'} Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly -TargetDatabase W2k8-E2\SG1Port\Mbx1Port -Confirm:$false

There you go. You might want to put into a powershell script and rename it to .ps1

Happy SCRing


Anonymous said...

It looks complex and hard

Ajay Rama Raju said...


I created a user in AD and set some Exchange custom attributes(extension attribute) to the user. after that i created a mail box for the same user using Enable-MailBox commandlet function.

After creating the mail box i observed that the custom attributes that were set earlier were not present now( may be reseted by exchange 2007). Is there any option in commandlets to retain those values in AD.

This is working fine in Exchange 2003.

Poo Ching Loong said...

Hi Raju,

Good day. The custom attribute should retain. Are you performing a migration/upgrade or something? Mind to share more? You might want to give some examples?


Ajay Rama Raju said...

Hi Ching,

Good Day you too, I wouldnt mind at all sharing.
I am not performing a migration or an a upgradation.

I will explain you my steps:

1. First i create a user in ADU&C(Active Directory Users and computers) in WindowsServer 2003. After creating the user i set some exchange custom attributes(like Storagelimit, extension attributes 1 to 15,.....) to him using ADSIEdit.

2. I have a Exchange2007 Member server in the domain.

3. I am creating a mailbox to the user using exchange management shell (Enable-MailBox).

4. when i checked the adsi edit after the mail box creation the extension attributes are gone.

the same behaviour is working fine in Exchange 2003 environment.

Anonymous said...

How do i get the replication to run again after fail?

somebody said...