Saturday, December 1

Installing Exchange 2007 SP1

Final release of Exchange 2007 SP1 few days back. Managed to successful deploy it in one of the production environment.

Something to share here - you will recommend to install patch for KB 942027 - an issue of .net framework 64bit performance tuning.

If you have antivirus that is bind to Exchange services and IIS, you will need to stop the service for the moment.

It will then take about 20 minutes to install (depending on the spec of your machine).

Few thing to share here. Its a total reinstall of Exchange binary files. So, it will as usual check the pre-requisite on the installation, remove Exchange existing binary then install the binary. You will need to have a moment of downtime, thus, plan out your maintenance window.

Exchange 2007 SP1 download page

So, start roll it out and enjoy the benefit.


Ben said...

I have error installing this. Stated error on my receive connector and it stops!!! What should i do?!

Poo Ching Loong said...

Wow, you install it quite fast. No worries. What i shall say is, configure your receive connector to the internal DNS name (remember to start the information store service), click apply to make the changes active. Restart the upgrade. You will no need to start all over again or worry about the upgrade corruption. Cheers

somebody said...


Alex said...

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