Thursday, May 17

POP3 in Exchange Server 2007


We got a request on how to setup and manage Exchange 2007 POP3. Interesting enough, as some concept you will need to know.

POP3 is one of the service and supported protocol in Exchange 2007. However, by default, the service is not started.

We do not recommend you to use POP3 unless it is a need. Try to use Outlook Anywhere or OWA to replace it.

To enable it, simple change the POP3 service to start automatic, start the service. One concept to know - security is a main concerns, thus the POP3 started only support a secure login, m,eans with Certificate. For those that do not want this setting,

Go to Exchange Management Shell, type:

to know more information about your existing POP3 configuration.

Set-PopSettings -LoginType PlainTextLogin
to change the login type from SecureLogin to PlainTextLogin.

Remember to restart the POP3 service. There you go.

Hold on, how to manage via Management Console? There are no GUI for you to manage POP3.

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