Thursday, May 10

Unified Messaging - Intro

Guys, UM seems interesting thing in Exchange 2007. However, how many of you know what is the terms and features in Exchange 2007?

Fax Receiving
If someone fax some documents to you, Exchange 2007 can recognise this and accept the fax. Lastly send to your inbox.

Call Answering
Exchange 2007 now picks up incoming calls for a user who does not be able to answer their phone in the office. It plays personal greetings, records voice messages; convert to e-mail and pass to the user's inbox!

Subscriber Access
This feature allows user to access thier Exchange mailboxes using a phone. Sometimes, called Outlook Voice Access. Exchange not only recognise DTMF (Dual tone multiple frequency) key press, but also voice commends! Imagine you are driving, and using a handsfree?

You can perform the following:
1) Listen to and forward voice messages
2) Listen to calendar info
3) Listen, forward and reply e-mails
4) Access, dial contacts
5) Accept or cancel meeting requests
6) Set a voice mail Out-of-Office message

Play on phone
Using Outlook 2007 and OWA 2007, you can play your voice mail on your internal phone rather from your computers. Privacy...

Auto Attendant
Hey, now you can use Exchange 2007 as your operator!

The features include:
1) Access for external operator if you still have any - of course!
2) Greetings for business hours and nonbusiness hours
3) Hours and Holidays schedules
4) Customise set of menus for external users

Cool enough? Let us share with you more on the architecture and components in next few posts.