Tuesday, July 11

Creating custom naming for Exchange attributes

Some of our customers asking us on how to modify/add-in custom naming for Exchange attributes, eg: Socso number, Employee IDs or even IC number. Will be great if we publish in this blog, benefit to the communities.

(This is to apply to Windows 2003 SP1 with Exchange 2003)

To do so, you need to
  • be Schema Administrator to modify the attributes
  • Support tools to be installed in the server to gain ADSI edit
  • Test , test & test before performing this task in a testlab environment.
Steps sound like this:

  1. Connect to schema container with ADSI edit
  2. Find CN=ms-Exch-Extension-Attribute-(1 to 15) - depending on which attribute you would like to change
  3. Select in the window, LDAPDisplayName
  4. Enter a new dispaly name into it

It is that simple. Try it out!


Anonymous said...

How do i get ADSI? I cant seems find it in my windows.

Poo Ching Loong said...

You can get it in Windows 2000/2003 CD, under support folder. FYI, you will be able to get ADSI, other utilities like DNSLint, DCDIAG... have fun and play around with it. You will definately benefit from there.

PauloM said...

a litle out of context but... how can i give a loggedin user permissions to change the Exchange attributes? i know i must use ADSI, but how for the whole domain?

somebody said...