Thursday, July 13

Shall I buy third party backup solution for Windows & Exchange?

Lots of our customers and students ask - Is windows backup good enough?

The built in backup program, frank, it is not a feature-rich utility. However, if the provided function is enough for you, the question is, why not? This is saving quite a lot of money$$.

Some brief limitation that I can spell out here:

  1. Not be able to backup system state and other files remotely - only localy. What IT ppl want is to have a centralise or backup to a single backup set.
  2. Not suitable for an enterprise-level backup library (Example robotics)- it does not allows you to manage your backup with large databases of information that other third party backup that sypport, such as Veritas, CA, HP, Htachi+++...

SMEs, small companies which has only less than 5 servers to manage - windows backup definately sufficient.