Saturday, July 15

Exchange 2007 - a quick glance

Our Technology Adoption Program customers, existing and potential customers always ask us, what Microsoft is to give in new Exchange Server 2007?

Lets have a quick tour on partial E2007 features.

Discuss about E2007 installation, you need .NET Framework 2.0, MMC3.0. For choosing server role, you will need to select either 1) Bridgehead Server Role, 2) Mailbox Server Role, 3) Client Access Server Role - We will post more article on discussion what is all these abouts. Please come back to this blogs more often...:)

Still remember ForestPrep and DomainPrep in Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2007, no longer have this in Exchange Server 2007. It will be done automatically.

Installation of Exchane 2007 now is just like Vista - for those who tried. The installation program will then:

Copy Exchange Files - take about 3 minutes
Preparing Organization - take about 25 minutes
Installing Bridgehead Server Role -about 2 minutes
Installing Mailbox Server Role - about 4 minutes
Installing Client Access Server - about 2 minutes

In the Beta 1 version of Exchange Server 2007,ya, Beta 1 - the reason is, we are using this version to test out. The Exchange Management Console is referred to as both the Exchange Management Console and Exchange System Manager. Its a bit different in Exchange 2003, which only has Exchange System Manager.

Administering Exchange become easier with Exchange Management Shell and Administrative Scripts. Most of the administrative task can be done with just few lines of script.

Enforcing Compliance by Creating an EthicalFirewall - yes, you can have rules configured in this version of Exchange. Example, you can filter subjects that can be send via the Exchange Server, eg: Subject that has "Company Secret" be blocked. In addition, you can create Email Life-Cycle Policies.

DR will always be the headache for most of administrators, with the latest feature - Using Exchange Server 2007 LocalContinuous Replication, you can bring up your Exchange 2007 database in minutes! Yes, it is. We will prepare some print screen and lab in the future.

As mentioned, this is the first glanced, we will publish more articles in this blog regarding this.