Monday, July 10


First of all, XP has Home & Professional edition, how about Vista? – it has six editions, ya, 6! 4 aims on normal users, 2 aim on Enterprise. Consists of Vista Starter, Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, and Vista ultimate; for business, Vista Business and Vista Enterprise.

1) It should come with Windows Media Center Edition – which include DVD playback, authoring and even burning!
2) Can view and flip windows 3 dimension!
3) With new Sidebar – which can add in news, RSS feed, Stock Price, Whether… - on your desktop!
4) Monitor normal user Internet use, with content filter! – porn website, even IM!
5) ShareView – some sort of P2P technology- eg: sharing PowerPoint technology
6) Easier to deploy for Enterprise users
7) Admin user prompt when doing administrative task (eg: Installing applications) – which solved given admin rights to normal users
8) Secure Startup – Users need to put in the USB drive, the encrypted file for the Vista to startup!
9) Security – definitely

That’s what I can think of, for those who like to add on or modify – go ahead and share among the group.